MVI’s innovative infotainment solutions provide a feature-rich and fully customisable IPTV experience to fit any requirement. Whether you need a system that is tailored to your unique needs, just require a basic system for quick deployment or would like a casting-only system – we have the right solution for you.

MVI is integrated with all major hospitality ecosystem providers, including PMS, POS and dispatch systems, such as Opera, Infor, Shiji, Simphony, HotSOS, Knowcross and others, to enhance your guest experience and streamline your backroom operations.

Our system is approved by all major hotel brands, including Marriott, IHG, Accor, Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Rosewood and many others.


MVI is integrated with most POS and Workflow management systems which enables hotels to offer their guests a fully automated ordering experience while streamlining backend operations.

Services include:

  • In-Room Dining (intgration with Simphony, Shiji/Infrasys, Agilisys and others)
  • Housekeeping / Service Request (Integration with Knowcoss, HotSOS, FCS eConnect, Stay Please and others)
  • Minibar delivery / restocking
  • Food Ordering service in partnership with local restaurants
  • Gift Shopping
  • Welcome message
  • TV channel EPG
  • Unlimited languages
  • Service request/eConcierge
  • Movies on demand
  • Facilities information
  • Push/emergency messaging
  • PMS messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Folio review
  • Express checkout
  • Snooze / Ambient sounds
  • Digital Signage
  • Casting (Chromecast & Airplay)
  • Internet Radio
  • Internet Video
  • In-room dining ordering
  • In-room shopping
  • Smart app
  • Room control
  • Alarm
  • Currency exchange
  • Flight info
  • Weather / time / maps
  • Event information
  • Filtering / search
  • Tablet / 2nd Screen


MVI has extensive expertise in deploying infotainment solutions across Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Aged Care Facilities. Our infotainment platform delivers a wide array of advantages, including enhanced efficiencies, revenue generation, and heightened satisfaction among patients and residents.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with any Hospital Management System (HMS), ensuring compatibility and connectivity. Furthermore, the integration with Nurse Call Devices enhances functionality by enabling TV control and call functions from a single unit.

Entertainment Solutions

In addition to content casting and mirroring from patients’ and residents’ personal devices, MVI provides a hospitality-grade Mobile Device Management feature for Tablet-only solutions in multi-bed patient rooms. This feature ensures a secure and controlled environment for patient entertainment and communication needs.

Messaging and Communication

Our system offers push messaging for timely delivery of reminders and alerts, elevating the overall patient experience and fostering efficient communication within the healthcare facility.

Interactive Services

Integration with POS or workflow management systems streamlines the overall patient experience and satisfaction by enabling fully automated ordering of dietary meals or room amenities. Additionally, VOD, shopping, and advertising applications present new revenue opportunities.

Central Management

Central System Control enables staff to manage volume and channels for patients and residents, ensuring a personalised and comfortable experience for all users. The platform is easily maintained through a backend Content Management System (CMS), offering a user-friendly and efficient management solution for health- and aged care facilities.


Enables guests to use their own mobile devices to control and interact with the TV and access hotel services

Using simple QR-code pairing – without having to download an app – MVI’s Smart App also enables ordering of Room Service and Housekeeping services, TV channel zapping and Room Automation control. Available for Android and iOS devices.


The most versatile and flexible Casting solutions in the industry

Seamless Casting Solution for Google TV (CC4)

MVI’s new enterprise-grade solution for Google TV casting is a fully manageable and user friendly casting solution for Google TV (CC4).

This means MVI can re-set the dongle and wipe guest data remotely upon guest check out and only ONE remote control is needed in the guest room to interact with the Google TV dongle and the TV.

Also still available (while stocks last):
On-Premise Setback Chromecast (for Chromecast 3)

One Chromecast dongle per TV point, including security / anti-theft bracket. Can be combined with Apple TV headend-based solution (see below).

Headend- or Cloud-Based Streaming for Chromecast & Airplay (for Chromecast 3)

No in-room equipment needed – a pool of devices will be available to all guests in the headend. Also available from MVI’s Cloud Centres (select countries only) to eliminate the necessity of any on-premise equipment.

Cloud-Managed Set-Back Casting for Chromecast (for Chromecast 3)

Casting-only solution without any IPTV. Can be added to existing (even non-MVI) IPTV platform. Compatible with any TV model and requires no on-premise equipment aside from CC dongles and an VPN gateway. The complete session management, including QR code generation, is managed from the Cloud.


MVI seamlessly integrates with a wide selection of Hospitality Smart TV brands, which eliminates the need for an in-room Set Top Box (STB). MVI also supports a hybrid solution, where both SmartTVs and STBs run concurrently on one network. This enables hotels to replace conventional TVs with Smart TV sets gradually.

Access to the Netflix App

MVI is fully approved by Netflix to activate the Netflix app on all SmartTVs that offer guests direct access to the Netflix app. Guests can sign into their Netflix account with an on-screen keyboard to enjoy their favourite shows without having to install any other equipment or dongles. All guest data will be automatically erased after the guest checks out.

In addition, MVI is also fully integrated with Philips MediaSuite TVs offering inbuilt Chromecast without the guest having to change to another WiFi SSID.


Pioneering AI Excellence Since 2018

At MVI, our journey into the realm of AI began in 2018 when we integrated with IBM Watson for an experimental AI chatbot. Since then, we’ve been at the forefront of AI innovation. In 2022, with the launch of OpenAI/Chat GPT, we took a significant leap forward. Our commitment to practical AI solutions led us to establish the Prompt Engineering team within our R&D division.

Our Expertise:

We specialise in creating AI-driven solutions that cater to a diverse range of industries and enterprises. Our offerings are designed for quick implementation, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s what we excel at:

  1. Knowledge Base Management: We organise and optimise information, making it accessible and valuable for your business.
  2. Trouble-Ticket Management: Our AI streamlines ticket handling, resolving issues swiftly.
  3. Customer Services: Enhance customer interactions with intelligent, personalised support.
  4. Streamlining (CSM/CRM): Seamlessly integrate AI into your customer relationship management processes.
  5. Content Management (front/backend): Manage content efficiently across platforms.
  6. Voice Control: Leverage voice-based interfaces for intuitive user experiences.
Let’s Connect:

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MVI’s battery-less remote control is entirely solar-powered, providing hotels with a genuinely environmentally friendly and easy-to-manage option for in-room remote control. With one charge lasting up to three months, the remote’s supercapacitor enables fast charging through light exposure or, if a light source is not available, through a USB-C input, which takes less than one minute for a full charge.

A single remote for all

By eliminating the need for two remote controls in the guest room, MVI’s solar-powered remote control combines control of Google TV and IPTV into one unit. It also features a button for direct access to the Netflix home page after initial pairing.

The remote control can also be fitted with a voice control button to make it AI-ready.

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MVI offers access to Hollywood and Asian movies on demand and with different business models, from free-to-guest, to revenue share.

Guests have access to a vast library of over 100 movies, while new titles are uploaded every month in HD quality.

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